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To be Successful in Life

Do you want you life to be normal? You will be if you follow ordinary crowds. So, what are ordinary crowds doing? Well based on my observation as well as after reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, they tend to:

  1. have weak or stubborn mind. Meaning they are easily pulled up by anyone.
  2. have life without purpose. They have no specific target. They have no yearly agenda to complete. What they want may be just to keep their job and get monthly pay cheque by the end of the month.
  3. lack of ambition. That is, they are unwilling to pay the price to make their life ahead.
  4. not have sufficient education.
  5. not have self-discipline. If they are unable to have self-control, they will unable to control conditions
  6. eat junk foods and lack of exercise
  7. affected by unfavorable childhood influence. For example, he/she may hate money simple because his/her parents were divorced due to money conflict when he/she was a child.
  8. not have persistency. He/she may have a good start with finish badly after first signs of defeat
  9. have negative personality
  10. like to gamble
  11. have wrong mate in marriage. I did come across the counter measure on this. Please read my post that entitled “Do You have the Same “Frequency” with Your Partner”.
  12. have wrong business partner. My wife has similar experience. She invested a café with friends more than 10 years ago but ended a year later simply because most of her partners were not aggressive on promoting their business.
  13. superstitious
  14. at the wrong vocation
  15. lack of concentration
  16. spend freely without proper control
  17. lack of enthusiasm
  18. intolerance
  19. fail to cooperate with others
  20. not honest
  21. guess instead of finding out what is actually wanted.
  22. limited capital. As a result, the chance on facing cash flow problem is high.
Therefore, we should attempt to minimize abovementioned shortcomings as much as possible in order to be successful.
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To be Successful in Life
To be Successful in Life
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