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After reading Chapter 8 of "Think and Grow Rich" which is talking about “Decision”, I totally agree with Napoleon about what he has emphasized.

You may recall in my previous post entitled “Investment: Do you know what you want?”, I stress that we should learn continuously in order to improve our confidence on investment as our investment knowledge grow. In other words, knowledge will allow us to make effective decision.

Napoleon concludes his finding that the riches are making decisions promptly and chancing these decisions slowly. People who do not have definite decision will allow opinions from the gossiping neighbors and newspaper to do the “thinking” for them. If this is the case, they have no DESIRE of their own.

I must point up that you are unique. You, and only you, know what you DESIRE. You should send a strong signal of your DESIRE to your subconscious mind and it will generate action plan for you to attain your result. Of course, as what Napoleon suggests, to ensure your DECISION remains unchallenged, you should keep it for yourself only. That’s right, keep your mouth shut while keep your eyes and ears open.

I totally agree with this strategy as I have similar experience. I do have friends who want to get something from nothing. Meaning, they ask you for investment tips without doing their homework. This is classified as NO DESIRE by Napoleon. Definitely, I have my own investment strategy and make my own investment decision. However, these are mine but not theirs. I will not share my DECISIONS with them as these DECISIONS are totally mine. That is the reason why I request them to ask themselves what they actually want. They will make their own investment decision if they able to answer this question to themselves.

So, make your own decision now.
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