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Do You have the Same “Frequency” with Your Partner about Money?

Have you ever realized the way of thinking will affect your result? Well, if you think positively, the chance of success is high and vice versa.

Now, let me put it in the other way. Have you ever realized the way of thinking of your partners (they may be your parents, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, son or daughter) will affect your result?

In other words, in order to success in your financial life, you and your partner must sing the “SAME TUNE” or the chance of failure will be high.

Just imagine if you are married with 2 children and you have financial targets such as early retirement and to have enough to fund for your children’s education. You setup the entire plan. However, what happens is, your husband/wife, who is not financial literate, is a crazy spender. What do you think the chance for you to achieve your financial targets?

I believe the key here is to COMMUNICATE. Tell your partner about your plan and seek for his/her agreement and commitment. Calm his/her uncertainty if he/she expresses his/her worry. The main purpose is to allow both of you to have the same “frequency”.

Talk to each other regularly about the progress, the obstacle faced and seek for solution together. Have regular meeting for this to understand each other more in depth and the destination of your financial targets are not far away.
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Do You have the Same “Frequency” with Your Partner about Money?
Do You have the Same “Frequency” with Your Partner about Money?
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