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One of My invaluable Wealth: Family Harmony

Have you ever realized that the communication among your family member is actually less than interaction with your colleagues, business partners or friends? Some of my friends use FACEBOOK to keep in touch with old buddies or friends. How about their family members? Well, I am not sure about them. But, for me, I am more concerning the relationship among my family members.

As an effort on promoting family harmony, I request my wife and my 9-year-old son to sit down together to have monthly family meeting at least once a month. In the meeting, I especially encourage my son to express his view on our teaching methods, his opinion on family matters, his feeling as well as his proposal and suggestion. The main purpose of the meeting is to clarify all doubts. All the rationale on action taken is clearly explained. The bottom line is that all family members understand everyone’s thinking and feeling to support family harmony which is invaluable in monetary term.

Have I achieved this objective? Well, I have carried out total 3 family meetings so far for the past three months and I observe attitude change of my son. He is more willing and daring to express his view and/or to clear his doubts. He understands the rationale of family policies. He becomes happier and confidence. I am glad to see these.

Have you talked to your family members lately?
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One of My invaluable Wealth: Family Harmony
One of My invaluable Wealth: Family Harmony
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