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Good Financial Decision

In our education system, there is no subject that teaches us how to invest or manage our money. However, our system may be is the best system to allow us to become a good employee. Even our parents are telling us to study hard and get a high pay job. As a result, in our subconscious mind, we all have been programmed like so. Does it mean that we totally do not know how to invest or manage our money? Well, not exactly. As a matter of fact, we are learning these skills from our parents.

In other words, those from poor or fair family backgrounds, chances of making good financial decision may be slim. They might lucky to strike once or twice to earn big by following the tips from their so-so educated neighbor but loss up everything after that. This is the reason why they remain poor or fair. To breakthrough this, we have to learn from the successful experts. Learn about their philosophy; learn about their method of investments; learn about their ways of thinking; learn about everything about them. So what do you need to do then? Very simple, just follow what they are doing and change the money blueprint in your subconscious mind. If they can, so can you.

Of course, I am not suggesting you to follow blindly. You have to learn the essence of their success and modify it to suit your context. Most importantly, choose the one that suit you most. For example, if you want to be successful in stock investment, you may study how Warren Buffet is doing; learn real estate investment concept from Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki. Again, I remind you that these gurus are not from Asia, you need to modify their concept to suit your context.

Good luck.
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Good Financial Decision
Good Financial Decision
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