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Job Description of an Administrative Assistant

Every office organization has an administrative assistant who ensures its smooth functioning although his job profile is varied and includes supporting the management. He or she assists the executives in the organization by bringing into play a variety of communication, organizational as well as project management skills and tebhniques. While on one hand his duties include helping out other employees on the other he is expected to contribute towards the general benefit of the employees of the organization.

An administrative assistant is meant to help the managers and executives of the organization due to which he spends a lot of time on long-term assignments. For example, in a university such an individual contemplates the various ways in which office jobs can be carried out and recommends appropriate changes for the better as and when required. Likewise in the field of research, every research director is entitled to an assistant to enable him to look after all the administrative work.

This work includes keeping track of the funds spent, finances required for research, maintaining and producing monthly budget reports as well as keeping track of the vacation schedules. Dealing with accounts department as and when there is an error in the paycheck, checking whether taxes have been paid or withheld or any other financial problem comes under this professional's purview as also arranging for the entire relevant infrastructure which would be required for the successful conduct of the project study.

A good administrative assistant needs to be cognizant with the functioning of the office along with a wide range of duties which need to be performed in order to ensure its smooth functioning. Thus he must possess extensive software skills, proficiency in internet research and excellent communication skills to succeed in the job. The following are a list of the duties that come under the job description of this individual:

  • Assisting with all the relevant aspects of administration management, meaning the administrative assistant has to look after the maintenance of the directory, is responsible for the logistics, must manage all equipment inventory as also the storage, check the level of the stocks and ensure supply of fresh stock as and when required from reliable suppliers.
  • Responsibility for coordinating the work between the different departments in the organization, and in resolving the daily administrative as also operational problems that may arise.
  • Taking care of all administrative details, coordinating the flow of work and ensuring that all deadlines are met.
  • Handling all communication like telephones and bulk of correspondence which arrives through postal mails, emails, faxes and so on.
  • Attending meetings, recording the minutes and also maintaining a good storage and retrieval system of all data.
  • Prioritizing jobs, checking deadlines, preparing the agenda for the meetings and setting up and coordinating meetings.
  •  Looking after the research that needs to be done for the various projects and this is where his skills in internet research come to be tested.

Thus it is essential that an administrative assistant should be a well qualified and experienced person who is well versed in all its aspects and performs the job with a natural flair and self-assurance.
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Job Description of an Administrative Assistant
Job Description of an Administrative Assistant
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