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10 Common Retirement Planning Myths

1. It’s too early to start saving for retirement.
2. I’ll need about 80% of my current income in retirement.
3. I won’t see a dime from Social Security.
4. If I contribute to a retirement plan, my money will be all tied up.
5. I should automatically roll my retirement plans into an IRA when I leave a company.
6. I can’t contribute to an IRA because I have a retirement plan at work.
7. My income is too high to put money in a Roth IRA.
8. My tax rate will be the same in retirement so I don’t get any benefit from tax-deferral.
9. I can be well-diversified by just spreading money around all the options in my retirement plan.
10. I should invest my retirement account in the top-performing funds.  
Quoted from Financial Finesse Workplace Financial Education By Erik Carter, 8/22/12 For details:
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10 Common Retirement Planning Myths
10 Common Retirement Planning Myths
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