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How to Survive Being Broke

So you've just been laid off. You're frantic about what to do because you don't have any savings. Your bills are not suddenly going to disappear. How in the world will you make it until you have a regular income again? Do not fear, because we have 7 tips that can help you keep cash coming in and pay your bills.

The very first thing to do before trying to make more money is eliminate all your unnecessary bills. If you have some optional monthly expense that you can do without, cancel it. Cut back on eating out, going to the movies, and anything else you normally do that isn't absolutely essential.

Apply for anything. If you are desperate for funds, one of the most productive things you can do is apply for a job. Any job. It doesn't matter if you're overqualified. Some income is better than no income.

Tell your friends you are looking for work. Let's be honest. If you have a personal connection to a potential job, you are more likely to land the job than someone without that personal connection. Even if your friends don't know of a full-time job that you are qualified for, they may know of something part-time that can help.

Find freelance work online. If you can write or take a picture, you can find work online. Some Web sites offer talented freelancers the opportunity to make some extra income doing things they already enjoy. When searching for freelance work, however, be careful about getting involved with any site that requires you to pay an up-front fee. Those sites can be scams to get your money and not deliver results. Look for reviews of the site from people who have used it, to be sure you're actually going to get what you pay for.

Check the classifieds - religiously! You may think of the classifieds as a place to look for a full-time job, but lots of short term opportunities also exist. You can take a look at both the newspaper as well as the posts on in your area to see if there may be something you are qualified to do. Another alternative is to create your own ad, announcing the services you offer. Again, beware of people that want your personal or financial information before offering you work.

Sell your stuff. It may be painful, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You can hold a yard sale to get rid of some of the things you don't really need. If you aren't in the mood to hold a yard sale, you can try taking your more expensive items to a pawn shop in order to get some quick cash.

Sell your body. No, we are not referring to prostitution. It's possible to make a little money selling plasma, sperm, or eggs. Human plasma is something that exists in your blood that you can be paid for. It's not a huge amount of money, but it does add up and it is decent money for sitting still for a few hours. Check with your local Red Cross if you are interested in selling plasma. If you're a man, you can contact a sperm bank to see if they are seeking donations. If you can make it through the rigorous screening process then it is possible you can be paid to donate sperm. If you are a woman, you can donate your eggs to be used in fertility treatments. Of all the options mentioned here, donating eggs is the most lucrative. If you are interested, check with a local fertility center.

Welfare. Yes, we went there. If you are completely out of options and you simply have no way of making money, welfare may be the way to go. There are many different programs designed to help people that need financial assistance. Don't let pride keep you from something that can help you get back on your feet. To find out what programs are offered in your area (and the requirements!), check with your local government.

So there you have great ways to keep some money coming in even when your full-time job is no longer there. Lacking a source of income can be a huge inconvenience, but it is possible to survive until you can land another full-time gig.
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How to Survive Being Broke
How to Survive Being Broke
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