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What Job Responsibilities Does an Accountant Handle?

The main job duty of an accountant is to make sure the businesses and individuals abide by the finance rules (as set up by the state), keep financial records in order and pay taxes in time. Though this is a simple job description that anyone can think of while talking about the responsibilities of an accountant, the duties may vary from one job position to another.

If you want to know what an accountant does, you should know about the different types of accounting positions. Depending on your career interests, aptitude and skills, you can choose a relevant career path.

Public Accountant

A public accountant works for a wide range of clients - corporations, government organizations, non-profit organizations, individuals. While working for a client, public accountants advice them on the merits and demerits of business decisions. They guide clients on how to file tax returns appropriately. Public accountants' job duties may also involve development of accounting processing systems.

Government Accountants

As the job title suggests, these types of accountants work for government firms. They make sure that businesses abide by the rules and regulations established by the government. They audit both individuals as well as private businesses. They see to it that revenues are received appropriately and in time.

Management Accountant

These accountants work for private companies. Their major job responsibility is to analyze the financial information in order to help organizations make efficient business decisions. They play a vital role in the overall strategic planning of a business. Usually, they work as part of a team of executives.

Internal Auditor Accountant

Those who work as internal auditor accountant are responsible for auditing internal financial records of companies. They make sure that all the internal financial records of an organization are in proper order. They see to it that the financial structure of company is not prone to frauds. In addition, these accountants may also analyze the day-to-day operations of an organization.

As you can see, the job description of an accountant actually depends on what kind of role (or specialization) they choose. Those who desire to pursue accounting career can choose to go into any of the above mentioned specializations. There's a great demand for all of these accountants. Accounting firms are always looking for these accountants.

Apart from working for a company full-time, accountants can also decide to get self-employed. When an accountant gets self-employed, they have the liberty of providing consulting services to both businesses and individuals. The minimum educational requirement for an accounting position is a bachelor's degree in accounting or any other relevant field. Senior level accountant jobs may also require a master's along with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification.
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What Job Responsibilities Does an Accountant Handle?
What Job Responsibilities Does an Accountant Handle?
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