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I left my I-pad on the plane! Or the Kindle…

How to get your I-pad or Kindle back if you leave it on the plane:
From 4/25/12 Wall Street Journal article by Scott McCartney
Plus tips for getting it back if an honest person finds your device: 
tape a business card to the back & use a wildly colorful/distinctive case
engrave your contact info on back of device
enable Find My iPad setting 
record the serial #
Set screen saver to display phone number that can be seen even if device is locked.
Record serial numbers  
Contact airline immediately to file a claim. E-readers: go online or call customer service to de-register the device to prevent finder from making purchases using your credit-card information. Cancel automatic subscriptions. Go to iTunes store to cancel automatic subscriptions & remove credit-card information.
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I left my I-pad on the plane! Or the Kindle…
I left my I-pad on the plane! Or the Kindle…
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