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Don't Miss the Chance Again

Yep, that is my goal. 

My friend who is an full time independent adviser shares with me that some people tells him either say they don't have money to invest or don't have the time to learn about investing now.

Then he says, "Okay, so when? Can you set a timeline, not for me - but for yourself?"


That is what I call procrastination.

There is a thin line distinguishing excuses and reasons, don't you think?

I have a few members in the program who are doctors in private practice. One of them is running his clinic in Kajang, Selangor. Aged 45, he works 12 hours/day, his clinic is full to the brim. Yet he is one of the very determined learner in the program. Maybe at that age, you realize time is of the essence. Every moment we procrastinate is a moment lost forever.

I want to motivate you to take action. Not just any action, but the Right Action.

Especially when it comes to investing. 

Besides time itself, the stock market waits for no man. Now may not be the time to be invested fully, but when market dips, we know how to make use of that small window of opportunity to invest prudently..

....if we got our "war chest" and knowledge ready starting today, that is.

The other thing is it pain us greatly to see people lose money in the market. People who knows so little but are IN the market just because everyone is. I learnt the hard way. I don't want you to have this kind of "follow the crowd" mindset. 

That's why the very first module is about the correct mindset and how not to lose money.

The next 2 months you could be discovering stuff you never thought existed when it comes to investing in Bursa Malaysia
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Don't Miss the Chance Again
Don't Miss the Chance Again
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