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Wellbeing (Part 3)

Have you ever worry about money?  Have you ever think about the purpose of money?  Will you really happy if you got a lot of money with you?

Money is essential in terms of providing us essential needs like food, basic shielder, basic transport and basic clothes that keep us warm.  In order to overcome the threat of illness, health care can be another basic need to us nowadays as well.  Beside these, can money buy any WELLBEING to us?

May be yes.  But this does not mean you can simply spend without control.  To obtain WELLBEING, you have to spend it with value return.  This value can be quantitative and qualitative.

For example, you may plan to have a holiday or two in a year with your family.  This will create harmony among your family members.  In addition, you may make friends during the trip while increase your life exposure at different places.  This value can't be quantified but it really generate value to you like happiness.

Another way is to invest your money for your future.  You have a plan and make automatic standing instruction into your investment accounts and, based on your plan, you know you will get certain amount of money to achieve your financial target which, in turn, also generate a peace of mind to you as you are less worry to your future and happiness will come along the way.

Donation is another way to create WELLBEING as well.  By donating, you are not only increase your WELLBEING on gaining happiness on helping others who need help, you are also improving others' WELLBEING.

To sum up, do not keep all your money only to yourself.  Invest it, share it or spend, of course it must be within your spending capacity, it, your WELLBEING will be improved and you will be very happy than ever.
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Wellbeing (Part 3)
Wellbeing (Part 3)
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