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Wellbeing (Part 2)

Have you ever realized that somebody able to shape your expectation, desires and goals?  What do you feel if you see a friend who is happy and keep smiling?  Will you feel better or worse?  Similarly, after a day's work, what sort of moods you are presenting to your spouse and/or children?  They will be affected by your good or bad mood, definitely.

In this sense, to have a happy life and to improve your WELLBEING, your social life is playing an important part as well as yourself, as well as others, are spreading their feeling around that will affect each others' WELLBEING.  In this case, would your friends and you rather like to spread happiness instead of the other way round.

Now, the question is how to improve our Social Wellbeing.  According to the authors of Wellbeing, Tom and Jim suggest:

  1. to spend six hours a day to socialize with friends, family and colleagues.  The six-hour is on accumulative basis and not necessary during the free time.  You may start to socialize during any business or non-business telecommunication, chit-chatting, email or other communication.  Other social website is also a good way to improve our Social Wellbeing by send our regards and comments over it to our friends at no time.  This will strengthen our network relationship.
  2. to mix physical activity with social time.  For example to have a long walk with your neighbor so that you can motive each other to be healthy while maintaining good social relationship.  Everybody will feed happy by the end of the day.

So, what are you waiting for, start to communicate to improve your Social Wellbeing today.  Make it an agenda for the year 2011.  You will feel more happier than before.

In my next post, I will share my view on Financial Wellbeing.  Stay tune.
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Wellbeing (Part 2)
Wellbeing (Part 2)
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