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Why you need to scrutinize your credit card bill

Ack! I just spent (wasted?) 2 hours trying to sort out my credit card statement. I knew something had changed because the bill itself looked different. Then I saw the interest charge for $11.77. No way! I always pay my bill in full. Long story short... after 4 phone calls and 2 hours I found out that my bank had sold the credit card payment operation to "Card Services" which collects payments. 

I can no longer pay my bill online from 2 different accounts (I "share" a card with my 85 year old mother). I used to be able to split the charges and pay from separate accounts online. Now "Card Services" will only allow you to link to one account so I have to pay one "share" of the bill by mailed-in check. I easily got the $11.77 deleted from my bill but only because I was vigilant and asked questions. Of course, I could apply for another credit card to keep my bills separate from my mother's but I really don't want to have to deal with another bank, another monthly statement.... I already have 2 credit cards (one is Am Exp which is NOT accepted everywhere but offers cash rebates).

Moral of the story: check your credit card bill each month!
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Why you need to scrutinize your credit card bill
Why you need to scrutinize your credit card bill
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