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How Much do You Save for Yourself?

We have been working hard, day in and day out.  Suffering sickness due to work pressure and limited time with family.  Have you ever think about the purpose of doing this way and what do you actually get?

Well, unless you are rich, the meaning of hard work may mean better income for better life.  Life carries different meaning to each of us.  She may work hard for her dream car;  That husband and wife may work hard to fund their children education;  He may work part-time to support his college tuition fee.  But, stop and think for the time being.  It seems like everyone of us are working hard for someone else as what we have earned will be paid to others.  How about ourselves then?  Nothing else beside those materialistic possession with big owing?  It seems like very unfair, isn't it?

Be nice to yourself.  You deserve to pay yourself first from your earning than anyone else.  You may utilize what you have paid yourself for provision of your future activities like holidays, early retirement or further study.  How much to pay to yourself first?  You might ask.  Well, set a rule of paying yourself a minimum 10% of you take home income.  Allocate the balance of 90% take home pay for other life necessities.

What should you do with the 10% take home pay then?  First of all, for those who do not have any emergency buffer, start to accumulate until it is equivalent to 6-month monthly expenses.  This is emergency fund to meet unexpected end need.  Unless it is emergency, do not use it and keep it as liquid as possible.  After that, you may start to plan about your investment that generates better return to meet your other financial needs and future provisions. 

So, treat yourself well, starts today, pay yourself 10% of your take home pay first and I guarantee you will soon feel how wonderful it is as you have just created yourself a peace of mind.
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How Much do You Save for Yourself?
How Much do You Save for Yourself?
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