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Now is almost the end of the year 2010.  Have you started to think about your agendas for the year to come - 2011?  Well, before that, how about the achievement status of your 2010 agendas?  Have you achieved all or needed some catching up?  Or, you have no idea at all?

Plans are set to assist us to achieve something in our life.  Because these something are important to you, you have designed road maps or plans to achieve them.  However, if you do not follow-up your progress against your plan, you are actually planning to fail.

It is important to follow-up all you plans in order to carry out necessary action to counter any discrepancy.  Timely follow-up will allow you to take action immediately with less hassle to ensure you plans are back on track.  However, you will have no idea or find it difficult to narrow the gap between those discrepancies and you plans if you do not follow-up accordingly.  Eventually, you might give up and give yourself another excuse to make them as your next year agenda, and the next, and the next .....

So, waste no more of your life.  Life is really too short to waste.  Therefore, allow your plan to create meaningful life for you.  Do plan and follow-up timely.
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