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Money Management: Make credit card become your slave

Whenever you visit supermarket or hypermarket, most likely you will be surrounded by credit card “promoters”. You might ignore them. But, sometime, you might sign up with them after their explanation of benefits that you can get.

Some people who are unable to utilize credit card wisely will end up becoming a slave of credit card. Worse still, they might opt for “Balance Transfer” to avoid payment due. Pity them.

Do you know that, if you know how to use credit card, it will be a good slave to you. What you need to do is, first, look for the most suitable credit card based on its reward plan. Second, treat your credit card as cash card. As credit card will give 20 days interest free period after the statement issue, what you need to do is to fully settle all your outstanding before it is due. That is all.

What will you gain then? Well, full settlement will save you on outstanding interest charge. Furthermore, its reward system might even allow you for gift exchange or cash rebate. Isn’t it great?
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Money Management: Make credit card become your slave
Money Management: Make credit card become your slave
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