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Investment: Do you know what you want?

“Is now the right time to buy stock?”; “What should be the buy price for ABC stock?”; “What should I do if stock market is falling?”

I received these questions from my friend quite often. However, my reply to them is, “Do you know what you want?”

In our daily life, we are facing many problems. Some problems for us are just piece of cake as we have the capability to solve it. However, whenever you face problems that you have limited knowledge with, you will feel uncertain. In other words, if you do not know well about stock market, you will have a problem. Therefore, you will ask someone that you think he/she knows how. But how do you judge whether is he/she knowing what stock market is all about?

Well, only you know what you want. Keep learning and exercise what you learned. Knowledge will tell you what to do. More importantly, you should learn from mistake and avoid to making it again.
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Investment: Do you know what you want?
Investment: Do you know what you want?
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