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Political Short-Sigtedness Undermines Retirement Security for Americans

"Politicians, most brokers, and financial firms don't pay attention to really long-range forecasts anymore because there is no money in it for them. Professional retirement planners, however, have to consider long-term effects to better prepare people for saving before retirement and spending during retirement. They have to worry about time spans of 20 to 70 years."
"A few years ago, there was some attention to the long-term obligations that the government has for Social Security, Medicare, government pensions and welfare programs of various sorts. Those unfunded obligations amounted to over $100 trillion." According to Henry Hebeler, "The short-term focus is destroying our retirement."
Until voters demand better from politicians, short term decisions for political expediency will continue to favor the rich who fund political campaigns.  Read more at
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Political Short-Sigtedness Undermines Retirement Security for Americans
Political Short-Sigtedness Undermines Retirement Security for Americans
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