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Questions to ask a financial adviser

Start by identifying your investment goals.
Consider the types of advice you are seeking: i.e., how to get out of debt, save more, invest for retirement, spending during retirement, a complete all-encompassing financial plan?
Do you want a one or two-time consultation or an on-going relationship?
"After identifying your investment goals, you should interview investment advisers to decide which one would best be suited to help you achieve your goals." (Investment Adviser Association)
The first questions you should ask are:
  1. Are you a fiduciary, i.e., are you required by law to place my interests ahead of your own at all times? Are you willing to acknowledge your fiduciary duty in writing?
  2. How are you paid? Do you make more money if I buy a particular stock, bond, or mutual fund over another investment? If so, would you still recommend this investment and why? Does your firm hold prize contests for sales?
To learn more and see a list of other essential questions, go to the IAA website:
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Questions to ask a financial adviser
Questions to ask a financial adviser
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