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Immediate Annuity Shopping Service

When you buy a single premium immediate annuity you buy a guaranteed lifetime income from an insurance company. Vanguard Annuity Access allows consumers to “compare the costs of annuity contracts from different providers. Price quotes are provided in real time, but what really sets Vanguard’s service apart from its competitors is that it discloses its commissions upfront, something providers aren’t required to do.” Read all about it by Tara Siegel Bernard at: Vanguard offers an “online annuity marketplace where you can compare quotes on comparable fixed annuities from a set of leading insurers. The program is designed to facilitate easy, apples-to-apples comparisons among different annuity contracts, with the highest degree of fee transparency possible.”
An annuity through Vanguard:
What is an annuity, and is it right for me?
Get income that can last a lifetime:
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Immediate Annuity Shopping Service
Immediate Annuity Shopping Service
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