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Invest Bursa Course is Reopened

Since the inception of my Invest Bursa Course, my students have been benefiting from my stock investment methodology.  As a matter of fact, beside investment timing, correct mindset plays a key role on successful stock investment.

Let me give you an example.  During the course, one of my students analyzes a well-known healthy drink maker in Malaysia.  Yes, the company does has a very famous drink that even a 3-year-old kid can ask for one when he feels thirsty.  However, what happen is that, due to high operating cost, its net profit margin is rather less promising.  Therefore, this company is filtered out by my STARS Evaluation System.  My students reluctant to accept this fact initially and doubt about the effectiveness of my system.  As a matter of fact, my system is helping us to seek for potential winners.  These winners should be characterized with growing sales and profit trend with good profit margin in order to balance the risk we are facing.  It is just illogical to invest in a so-called famous company with the return just slightly better than FD.  In other words, my STARS Evaluation System is helping everyone to look for the truth but not what the market is saying.  After some mindset fine tuning, my students appreciate how my philosophy on identifying quality counters.

So, after the identification of the right counters, I also show my students on how to earn big by identifying the right investment timing.  I am not a speculator and I don't sit in front of monitor all day long.  Instead, I spend most of my time on reading, teaching and get around with family.  The most I use is 10 minutes a day to monitor my investment is only and I normally do it before I go to bed.  Yes, I use the most 10 minutes a day to make my investment decision.  Wondering how?  I will show you in my Course.

My students are now more confident on stock investment and have no worry over market fluctuation.  My system has been able to help them to identify high yield counters and telling them when to enter and when to dispose strategically.   To me, my system has been giving me a average return between 15% and 20% a year and I would like to show you how.

The next enrollment of my Invest Bursa Course is now opened for registration.  You may visit for more information.  Due to overwhelming demand, I have to close the enrollment by 7th October 2013.  Based on my past experience, I have to limit the number of students as I would like to give you my best to ensure your stock investment success.  Catch this invaluable learning opportunity and I hope to see you in my Course soon.
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Invest Bursa Course is Reopened
Invest Bursa Course is Reopened
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