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Debt = Depression

At least short term debt (credit cards, past due bills, and payday loans) contributes to depression. Long term debt (for mortgages and education) does not have the same effect according to University of Wisconsin professor Lawrence Berger.  The associate professor of social work determined that a 10% increase in the  amount of an individual’s debt increases his or her depressive symptoms by 14%. "To be clear, having debt does not lead to full-blown clinical depression.  But it does trigger the garden variety blues that most people experience.  Symptoms vary from losing one’s appetite or being unable to shake the blues to feeling lonely" watch the YouTube video: Household Debt and Adult Depressive Symptoms
Get help in reducing your debt from the Housing and Financial Counseling program at the USU Family Life Center: 435-797-1569;
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Debt = Depression
Debt = Depression
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