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Kids and Allowance: The Debate that Divides Us

Dan Kadlec's article on allowances is by far the best and most thoughtful that I've read in a lengthy career. I'll throw out some teasers to entice you to read his insightful article.

"In one corner you have financial radio host Dave Ramsey and all-around money guru Suze Orman, who both counsel parents to tie allowance directly to chores. No workee, no payee. They don’t even like the word 'allowance'.” 

"In another corner you have the godfather of the financial literacy movement, Lewis Mandell.... He says parents should pay no allowance period."

"In a third corner you have those who believe that a base level of allowance should be paid unhinged to chores, but that additional pay to children should be available through odd jobs that go above and beyond what might be considered the responsibility of a good family citizen."

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Kids and Allowance: The Debate that Divides Us
Kids and Allowance: The Debate that Divides Us
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