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Early Retirement Scams

Tempted by seminar offers of early retirement? Be careful.

Scam artists know the appeal of retiring early. If you find yourself receiving an invitation to an “early retirement seminar,” be leery because most seminars offer flawed or fraudulent investment pitches.

"To help you spot trouble, the Securities and Exchange Commission, along with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has published “Early Retirement Seminars 101: Smart Tips for Spotting Retirement Scams.” The guide explains how such ruses work, particularly those that “dangle the prospect of early retirement with little or no reduction in income compared to your working years.” The publication also offers real-life examples of fraudulent pitches and where to turn for help."

Note that these scams are not related to legitimate early retirement packages that may be offered by your company

Source: Glenn Ruffenach's Smart Money blog.
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Early Retirement Scams
Early Retirement Scams
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