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How Do You Control Your Spending?

It has been again a long time for me to update my blog and I would like to sincerely thank to my loyal readers.  I will strive my best to update and share more frequent to share my view and thoughts on investment and financial planning.

Few days ago, when I was making a coffee during my short 5-minute tea break, I had a brief chat with my colleagues.  They were asking me how much do I normally spend on my meal.  I replied that I spend about $4~$5 for a dinner for my family and they shocked.  They felt incredible and said I was lying because they normally spend at least $6 for dinner alone.  I informed them that is what people do normally without second thought.  If you follow the crowds, you will end up the same as what the crowds are doing.  

Should you read through my previous posts may understand that I encourage everyone to have you own way on doing anything as you are unique in this world.  You are the one and only.  Nobody knows what you actually need but yourself.  I understand that if I follow what the crowds are doing, I will end up the same with them and my dream of early retirement will never come true.  I must control my expenses now so that I will be able to at least remain this living style after my retirement.

I strongly advise you to think hard on how to control you expenses in order to make you $1 more than $1.  Focus on your needs and delay or eliminate those wants.  Believe me, if you able to do that, you will be definitely a winner among the crowds.

Do it now.

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How Do You Control Your Spending?
How Do You Control Your Spending?
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