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Plus Or Minus

Have you ever think of this?  What is the purpose for you to be so busy, day in and day out?  For your dream home?  For your dream car?  For your career advancement?  Or for your children's education?  I believe most of your purposes need money.  The more money the better.  And that is why you always think of money not enough.  Is it really so or are you "too much focusing and magnifying"?

Now, beside money, what else do you get at the same time?  Headache?  High blood pressure?  Feel depress?  Feel tension?  So, here is what you get:

Plus (+) Money = Minus (-) Health

Only you can judge whether it is justifiable.

As for my opinion, we should always strike the balance within our life.  To me, money is important but not everything.  There are many things in our life which are more valuable than money.  In fact, some of them are priceless and can't be bought by money.  Things like your health, life happiness, family togetherness and many, many more.

Our life is just like a balance sheet.  By having more of one side means less to the other side.  The equation just now "+ Money = - Health" is not a good picture to everyone, I believe.  How about if you can let go a little on one side while gaining more over the other like "- Money = + Happiness"?  The "- Money" is not asking you to spend or ignore money.  Instead, it is an equation to asking you to slow down a bit to spare more time with your love ones or for your hobby.  Happiness will in turn replace "- Health".  Get it?  Quite always, "minus" gives negative impression to people.  But, sometime, it is not really the case.

From now, think about your plus and minus equation and stay happy always.
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Plus Or Minus
Plus Or Minus
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