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The Wall Street Journal Sunday

Each Sunday the Salt Lake Tribune includes The Wall Street Journal Sunday in the "Sunday Money" section of the paper. WSJ Sunday is a fabulous free source of personal finance and investing info. It's available online at and then click on the newspaper of your choice. get in the habit of checking the site each week.

A couple items that caught my eye include Medicare Enrollment 101 (under "The Aggregator" section which includes a variety of helpful subjects each week.

Also of value: "How to give children the gift of investing." I can't tell you how many times women have said to me that they wished they had learned about basic concepts like the Time Value of Money (compound interest) when they were younger. Educate your children by giving them the gift of investing this holiday season instead of the latest techno toy that will soon be outdated and end up as toxic waste in the landfill.
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The Wall Street Journal Sunday
The Wall Street Journal Sunday
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