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The Choice is Yours

I would like to share a story I have heard recently.

There were two men who wanted to learn from the famous Zen Master in Japan who was known to be able to answer any question.  As they were approaching where Zen Master was, they had yet to prepare the question to ask.  Out of the sudden, a man saw a low flying bird.  He jumped up and caught the bird.  When they were seeing the famous Zen Master, the man who caught the bird questioned the Zen Master to tell them whether the bird in his was dead or alive.  The Zen Master stood up and bowed to the two gentlemen and said, "If I would tell you that the bird in your hand is dead, you'll let it go and claim that I am wrong.  However, if I would tell you that the bird in your hand is alive, you'll squeeze it until it is dead and I would be wrong again.  Therefore, the choice is in your hand."

As a matter of fact, the meaning of our life is given by our beliefs.  In other words, your world will be meaningful if your have positive beliefs or meaningless if you have negative beliefs.  Therefore, if we want to be successful, it is our responsibility to ask whether these beliefs will lead us to where we want to go or else why bother on holding them.  The choice is yours.

Life is by choice, not by chance.  We shall claim the ownership of our life instead of giving excuses that lead us to no way, or worst still, to failure.

Success or failure, the choice is yours.
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The Choice is Yours
The Choice is Yours
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